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La tour carrée de Sainte-Maxime

La tour carrée de Sainte-Maxime

As an elegant Provencal town, Sainte-Maxime is a real seaside resort with beaches, places to stroll and relax, a casino, leisure activities for children and adults, shops, restaurants and bars and so many events. Protected from the wind thanks to the foothills of the Maures, Sainte-Maxime and its 10 kilometres of fine sand, awarded the European Blue Flag, offer watersports and relax.


Sainte-Maxime, a lively town all year round

You will find many shops, restaurants and bars while strolling along the port and through the old town.
Many cultural events : the Carré Gaumont, a performance hall, offers an electic and quality programme including dance, theatre, music and songs, circus, etc.
Regarding the other events and activities, you will enjoy them throughout the year : in February, the Corso du Mimosa (mimosa celebration) ; in March, wine and gastronomy fair ; at the beginning of the season, the Jetcup (jetski championships) and Fest'Italia (big market of products coming from Italy) ; the Bravades (celebration of the patron saint) ; Saint-Jean's Day and Saint-Pierre's Day in June ; gala evening parties at the Théâtre de la Mer each summer ; and the Sainte-Maxime Free Flight World Masters or the Var Rally in autumn.
As a family resort, the city of Sainte-Maxime has always devoted special attention to children with excellent family facilities (waterpark, casino, etc.) : the town has been awarded the "Famille Plus" label.

Sainte-Maxime, a town of cultural heritage

You can visit some sightseeing attractions such as the Tour Carrée (16th century) located on the port that hosts the Local Traditions Museum, next to the Church (inside the Church, you can see a beautiful marble altar and a 18th century bell ; on a hill, the Château des Tourelles, in which Léon Gaumont, French cinema pioneer, spent the last years of his life ; more original, the Phonograph, Mechanical Music and Inventions Museum.

 You can also find olive oil and AOC Côtes de Provence wines.
You can enjoy hiking on several walking trails in wooded hills or strolling through a botanical garden to discover on 3 hectares, more than 60 plants typical of the Mediterranean.
In short, the biggest city of the Saint-Tropez bay has everything it takes to attract those who love spending nice family holidays.


Salvador Dali - Exhibition « Dali happening »

The town of Sainte-Maxime invites you to discover the secret world of DALI, real pioneer regarding painting, engraving, photography, writing, carving, happenings... 

He invented self promotion and knew how to make sacred his creative genius for eternity.

This exhibition will feature exclusive and historical works organized in close cooperation with the collector Jordi-Casals, an expert on Dali for more than 30 years.

This summer, in Sainte-Maxime, you will discover Salavdor Dali's life from Paris to Monte-Carlo via Port Lligat and New-York, in 4 places : Tour Carrée, Château des Tourelles, Library of Carré Gaumont and Lucien Barrière Casino.



From June, 9th to October, 1st 2017, open from Wednesday to Sunday.


Tour Carrée Museum :

Adults € 3,

Children € 1, (Free under 9 years)

Free admission in the other exhibition halls




Enfants : Gratuit jusqu'à 9 ans.

Gratuit dans les autres lieux d'exposition.

Office de Tourisme de Sainte-Maxime

Mairie de Sainte-Maxime


Places where the exhibitions are
La Tour Carrée,
le château Les Tourelles,
la Médiathèque & le Casino Barrière
83120 Sainte-Maxime

Tel. 04 94 56 77 53


More than 200 original works to be discovered in a circuit where you learn all about Dali’s life in France. Handwritten documents, articles of the time, provide an insight into the many-faceted creativity of the genius who was «Salvador Dali».
- His lithographs: from Joseph Forêt’s Don Quixote to the Conquest of the Cosmos (created using a diamond point) via the tribute to Leonard de Vinci, memories of surrealism...

- Original editions « The Memoirs of Casanova», «Les amours de Cassandre» and the «Homage to Goya».
- A multitude of rare silver based film photographs taken by the greatest photographers who followed Dali when he attended various happenings or worldly events in Paris, Monaco and New York. Some of the photographs here are exhibited as a world preview.

«The most surreal creation!!! it’s me!!!” Dali used to say!!! And that is what will be revealed to us in the Square Tower in the coming 4 months.


Every one of Dali’s 100 original wood engravings created for the «Divine Comedy».
The watercolours exhibited at the Galliera Museum in Paris in 1960.
The original edition of «Le tricorne».
20 wood engravings published by Editions du Rocher-Monaco in 1957.
Rare original photographs in Jordi Casals sculpture frames.
Hitherto unpublished photographs immortalising Salvador Dali’s last encounter with
Jean Cocteau at the inauguration of the Parly 2 shopping centre in 1962.
A looped projection for the world preview of the Joseph Forêt film «The Apocalypse
», illustrated by Dali with 6 other artists and 7 writers. This film was presented
at the 1961 Cannes Festival.
A collection of rare books, some of which were signed with an autographed dedication
by Salvador Dali.


The complete Dali’s Horses: 18 lithographs of a mythical edition.
Art photographs portraying Dali taking part in happenings in the nineteen sixties.
Jordi Casals sculpture frames.
Giant silver based film photographs by the famous photographer Marc Lacroix who
worked closely with Dali for more than 10 years.


Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, Charlie Chaplin, Grace Kelly, Gina Lollobrigida,
Sofia Loren, Paul Newman, David Niven, Jean-Christophe Averty, Walt Disney,
Anna Magnani, Alain Delon, Mireille Darc, Yul Brynner, Michèle Morgan ... A collection
of 50 photographs to walk through on the theme «Dali and the cinema» exhibited
at the Croisette-Palais des Festivals Casino during the Cannes Festival in 2006.




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